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Publicity & Media

This page is exclusively for the Media, Booksellers, Libraries, and Book Clubs.



Media interviews & requests

For media interviews & requests, please contact us.



Distribution & book order enquiries

You can order titles through any major distributor worldwide or Ingram Group (Lightning Source or Ingram Spark). We have thousands of distributers worldwide. If you are ordering less than ten thousand copies, we will use print on demand to complete orders. Larger orders will be provided as offset printing. Contact us if you seek further information.



Author events, in-store promotions or other promo material

If you'd like any of our authors for an in store event, please contact us.

If you'd like any posters or other promotional material, please ask. If we don't have what you want, we may be able to get it made up quickly. We're keen to help.



Promotional material

300 dpi images, media releases and more are available for each individual title. If there's anything else you need that isn't posted here, please contact us and we'll do our best to get it to you quickly.

'Evelyn Crowley' by Gordon Reid      Download A3 poster      Download A4 poster      Download A6 postcard

'Evelyn Crowley' by Gordon Reid  - 2018 Good Reading Magazine Q&A April online edition, May print edition


Retail Booksellers

If you are a retailer providing a review, please link the review to your store as well as the title. Click here to contact us.

If you want to use a video created to promote a specific title, please contact us and we'll get it to you quickly.



Library Book Reviews - we'd like to post them & link you

If you've reviewed any of our books, we'd love to know, so please contact us.

If you send us your review, we'll give it to the relevant author for posting on the author’s website.



Book Clubs

Please contact us for a book club guide that:

  • Provides thought-provoking questions aimed at fostering discussion and getting readers to think about the deeper meaning of the novel;
  • Enables you to organise a Q&A with the author through Skype.




For permission to use an excerpt from any of our titles or their respective promo videos, please contact us.



Other feedback

If you've got any other feedback, we're keen for you to tell us.



If you need more information, just email us or call (02) 6108 3624 from 9am - 4pm.