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We are an independent book publisher in Australia.

Who are we?

Highlight Publishing is a new small independent publishing house that selects books based on the quality of the story telling, the literary value, and the prospect of sufficient sales to make each project financially viable. Highlight Publishing covers all costs involved in the publishing of print and eBooks. We work closely with our authors throughout the publishing process and in promotion. Our expertise is derived from experience in the USA publishing industry.

In the 21st century, we are seeing the decline of the old publishing and retail model. Highlight Publishing offers a new approach with higher percentage returns for authors. We do this by reducing overhead costs and maximising efficiency. For example, we no longer need warehouses full of printed books with the associated costs.

Why publish with us?

We optimise our marketing through a subsidiary company, Highlight Publicity and Media, and target our efforts to achieve maximum effect. By reducing wasted effort and unnecessary costs, we can apply our resources to achieve the greatest impact. The digital age has allowed us to compete.

Our reputation depends on what we choose to publish so we aim for the highest quality in both content and presentation. Being selective allows us to build confidence across the industry and marketplace, and we believe this factor alone allows us to keep a competitive edge to the benefit of our authors. By collaborating closely with authors, designers, editors, printers, and distributors, we ensure quality in every respect.

The combination of optimised marketing and a quality product allows Highlight Publishing to offer the author a sound return and publishing integrity. We will administer individual agreements with authors to ensure a fair and equitable return.



Highlight Publishing is partnered with a global distributor enabling worldwide access to all published titles. All booksellers, libraries, educational institutions, and readers have easy access to our titles.




From our portfolio.



In and Out of Step

'Think about the woman you're becoming!' Leonie said, trying to prevent Cassie's flight from home and the problems...

Author: Christine M Knight


Song Bird

'I'm not Mavis anymore.' For years, song bird Nikki Mills (aka Mavis Mills) dreamed of the freedom and...

Author: Christine M Knight


Life Song

Mavis was born to be a songbird. Her parents named her after one, a bird with a distinctive song...

Author: Christine M Knight




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